Platinum Naturals Extra Gentle EasyIron 60 vegetarian liquid capsules

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Platinum Naturals Extra Gentle EasyIron is formulated for those people with moderate iron deficiency.

Product Features:

  • without iron you can't make enough red blood cells which can lead to anemia as well as feeling dizzy, weak and fatigued.
  • low iron is especially common in pregnant and nursing women.
  • clinically shown to be well absorbed.
  • non-constipating formula.
  • gently and effectively helps to build red blood cells.
  • includes all essential supporting ingredients for optimal results.
  • iron is a mineral that your body finds difficult to absorb.  EasyIron contains ferrous bisglycinate which is 4.5 times better absorbed in your body than other forms of iron.
  • Platinum Natural's award winning Omega Suspension Technology further improves absorption by taking advantage of your body's natural ability to absorb oil.  Iron can only be absorbed in the upper intestine of your body but when suspended in oil, iron can be absorbed anywhere in the digestive tract.
  • helps to increase energy levels.
  • vegetarian friendly.
  • formulated without gluten, dairy, corn, yeast, artificial colour or preservatives.

Directions:  take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.  Take with food a few hours before or taking other medication.

60 vegetarian liquid capsules.

NPN:  80005484