Our Difference

Here at GNN, we believe that small changes make a big difference….

We are committed to doing what we can to practice sustainability and lower our carbon footprint. We believe that little changes do add up and that if you live with intention each and every day, you can make a difference in this world. 

Did you know that cardboard and paper make up approximately 40% of all solid waste? 

Instead of tossing our inventory boxes, we reuse them! You’ll notice that your order may come in a recycled box and that’s just our way of recycling and repurposing to make a small difference with every order. 

Did you know that we throw out over 2 billion tons of household waste a year globally? That's more than 60 tons of waste every second.

To help our customers reduce their own environmental footprint without compromising the quality of the products or the beauty of nice packaging, we launched our very own Refill Market. Our Refill Market is equipped with a variety of all-natural household and beauty products that can be filled and refilled into beautiful GNN glass bottles. 

Shop, Swap and Pay at our GNN Refill Market. 

Did you know that living with intention can be as simple as shopping in our in-house market? 

That’s right! We recently created our very own Intentional Living Market which features our favourite zero-waste, locally sourced or ethically sourced products. 

One of our favourite features in this market is our very own GNN line of hand-crafted products. From bath bombs to candles, soaps and dish soap bars, we’ve worked diligently to develop and produce products that are clean, high quality, all-natural and with as little packaging as possible. 


Shop our Market and get inspired to live with intention today!