About Us



As an active member of the community and a delivery channel for health and wellness, we believe that integrity is everything. From the products we carry, to the message we communicate with clients and the way we run our business; we are committed to integrity every step of the way.




We understand that not everyone is on the same health journey and that not everyone has the same health goals. We applaud that and that is why balance plays such an integral role in our business. We strive to achieve balance in our own lives and that is something we want for each and every one of our clients. Where there is balance, there is health.



Here at GNN, we truly believe that knowledge is power. Knowledge, education and training is truly the core of our business and at the forefront of all that we do. Teaching and empowering our staff with the tools and information they need to best serve our clients and then passing along this information to our clients to guide them through their individual health journey is our passion and truly the GNN experience.

Meet Our Leadership Team



Dennis has been in the health industry for over 23 years and is the founding owner of GNN. He has led the store’s evolution over the years to bring it to what it is today. Dennis plays a critical role here at GNN, acting as a mentor to our staff, sharing his insight and expertise with over 50 plus years of retail experience and always keeping the leadership team on their toes with his critical thinking and innovative new ideas. 

When Dennis isn’t at work, he’s enjoying his role on the Eastman Rotary Club, spending time with his wonderful wife Linda, reading, travelling and entertaining family and friends. 




Leane transitioned into ownership of GNN in 1999 and is passionate about building a business that is focused on health, community and the growth and development of her team. Leane acts as a visionary for the business, focusing on development, continuously striving to improve our customer’s experience and working with our team to help them reach their goals and full potential. 

When Leane isn’t working on her business, she is enjoying time with her family and dogs at their remote cabin in the woods, hiking, travelling and spending time outdoors. 


Sarah is GNN’s store manager with over 11 years of experience in the natural health industry as a product advisor. Sarah’s kind heart and passion for helping others has led to her to develop many strong customer relationships over time and makes her a tremendous team leader. Her sense of humour has made all of us laugh at some time or another. She strongly believes in buying local produce, dairy, meat and supporting our local community.


When Sarah isn’t at GNN she loves spending time with her dogs and family. She likes to watch documentaries (usually involving a true crime story) and doing DIY projects around her house. Sarah’s favourite health recommendation is to remember that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Also, don’t try to change everything at once on your health journey, remember to make small choices and changes.




Jolene has been with us for almost two years. She began her career at GNN as a product advisor and quickly advanced to her new role as Store Manager. Jolene is focused on ensuring a positive and impactful visit for every customer. She does this by working with our staff to facilitate training, and education, improving store aesthetics, customer service excellence and so much more. She’s always in tune with the industry and community trends to ensure are meeting their needs and providing them with the products and services they desire. 

When Jolene isn’t at GNN, she is spending time with her husband and three boys and continually learning and growing by listening to podcasts and reading books.



Amy has been in the health industry for over 15 years. She began her role at GNN as a part-time product advisor and has always been focused on education and growing her skill set. Her role at GNN is focused on the development and continuous improvement of our online store.  Amy is responsible for managing our online product inventory, improving the functionality of our website, and ensuring the online experience for our customers is seamless, positive and memorable.

When Amy is not at GNN, she is busy with her family of five and two dogs. She loves reading, music and playing games with her family! 



Tiffany began her career with GNN in 2009 and left for a brief contract to then return to GNN in 2022. Tiffany is passionate about health, wellness and sustainability and has always been drawn to this industry. She has an extensive background, experience and education in finances and we are so excited to have her on board to manage the organization’s finances. 

When Tiffany isn’t balancing the books, she is enjoying time with her boys, watching them play hockey and spending time outdoors. 



Stacey’s partnership with GNN began in 2018. Stacey was first brought on board to develop and execute a brand refresh for the store and this initiated the transition into her current role as Chief Marketing Officer for the organization. Stacey’s responsible for all things marketing at GNN. From branding and advertising to social media marketing, digital marketing and full strategy development, she is responsible for the development and execution of their in-house and vendor marketing plans. 

In Stacey’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, travelling to new destinations and relaxing at the lake.