Good n Natural Pitted Dates 250 grams

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Good n Natural - Pitted Dates have an excellent nutrition profile; they contain important vitamins and minerals in addition to a significant amount of fiber; making them a perfect addition to your diet.

Product Features:

  • Pitted Dates: Pitted Dates are a tropical fruit that have been dried, but not fully dehydrated, and have had their pits (or seeds) removed for better texture and easier snacking.
  • High in disease-fighting antioxidants that help protect the cells in your body.
  • May promote brain health, healthy digestion, natural labour, bone health, and healthy blood sugar levels.
  • These pitted dates are considered to be "nature's candy" because of their super-sweet flavour profile, which makes them the perfect guilt-free snacking choice, as well as a great addition to baked goods.
  • May contain nuts, sesame, soy, milk and wheat.
  • Resealable packaging.
  • Recyclable packaging.

250 grams per bag.

Ingredients: Pitted Dates.