Carlson Norwegian Elite Omega-3 Fish Oil Gems Bonus Size 120 sof gels


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Carlson Norwegian Elite Omega-3 Fish Oil Gems provides an excellent source of EPA and DHA for the maintenance of good health.  Blister pack

Product Features:

  • Flavour: Natural lemon.
  • Source: Norway.
  • Guaranteed (by Carlson) for freshness, potency, and purity.
  • Provides 1,250 mg of fish oil per soft gel.
  • Provides 300 mg of DHA per soft gel.
  • Provides 400 mg of EPA per soft gel.
  • Regularly tested (using AOAC international protocols) for freshness, potency, and purity by an independent, FDA-registered laboratory.
  • Has been determined to be fresh, fully-potent, and free of detrimental levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCB's and 28 other contaminants (by laboratory listed above).
  • Helps support cognitive health, cardiovascular health, eye health, skin health, immune function, and more.
  • Easy to swallow "gem" soft gels.
  • Fish are transported to a highly-regulated Norwegian facility the same day they are caught for processing and purification.
  • The omega-3 fish oil is encapsulated, while the rest of the fish is used for human and animal consumption.
  • Resealable light-resistant bottle.
  • Recyclable bottle.

Directions: Adults take 2 soft gels two times per day at mealtimes. 

Storage: Store in airtight container, protected from light.

90 + 30 soft gels per bottle. Bonus size.

NPN: 80013069

Medicinal Ingredients: Each soft gel contains  
Fish Oil [Sardine (Clupeidae - Whole), Anchovy (Engraulidae - Whole), Mackerel (Scombridae - Whole)]
1,250 mg
          DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 300 mg
          EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 400 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Beef gelatin, glycerin, water, natural lemon flavour, tocopherols.