Plantish Self-Drying Soap Dish


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Plantish - Self-Drying Soap Dish is perfect to store bar soaps/shampoo/conditioner or a kongjac sponge for a low waste household.

Product Features: 

  • This water-absorbent and quick-drying soap dish ensures that your shampoo and soap bars dry after each use thus making them last longer, and that your countertops and bathtub ledges stay clean from soap residue.
  • Made from fossilized algea known as Diatomite, which is as a 100% renewable resource, and has a finish that is similar to concrete but with well-draining holes and pathways.
  • Small volumes of water evaporate instantly from the dish, while excess water runs through holes and tracks.
  • Bacteria and mold resistant.
  • Durable; this dish could last forever with proper care.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Made in Canada.

Directions: Place soap on top of soap dish with the exiting pathways facing the sink for water to run through. To prevent mold, place in a ventilated place and wipe to dry at times. To remove stain, lightly sand it with sandpaper.

Caution: Do not hit or drop. Avoid brushing or sanding when wet. 

1 soap dish.