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Ancient Minerals - Topical Magnesium Gel 237 mL

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Ancient Minerals - Topical Magnesium Gel is specifically designed to remain on the surface of the skin to maximize its soothing benefits. 

Product Features:

  • A unique gelled formulation of magnesium chloride and other ancient trace minerals with biologically active organic aloe vera extract.
  • The dermal application of magnesium chloride has shown marked benefits for enhancing skin barrier function, speeding wound healing, and hydrating skin cells.
  • It is the "better way" for you to get your magnesium. 
  • Excellent choice for supporting skin health.
  • Contains 100 mg magnesium per mL.
  • Perfect for use in massage.
  • Easily appliable smooth gel, which stays hydrated on the skin.
  • Highly therapeutic for psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions.
  • Ultra pure and concentrated smooth topical gel.
  • Recyclable bottle.

Directions:  Massage magnesium gel thoroughly into desired areas.  Avoid direct contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

8 fl. oz or 237 mL per container.

Ingredients:  water, Genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride, hydroxyproply starch phosphate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice (certified organic).

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