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Vaags Beef Ground 2 Pounds or 900 grams

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116 Park Rd W, Steinbach, MB

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Vaags Beef Ground 2 pounds.

Where: Located in Dugald/Oakbank, MB.

Who: Owned by the Vaags family.

How They Are Raised: Animals are free-range, pasture-raised. They spend 100% of their time outdoors on 10 acres of grass pasture in summer and hay in the winter. They are winter fed in large open areas. 

Feed: Animals are 100% grass-fed & finished. NO GRAIN EVER! They are given sunflowers and/or screenings. Feed has no GMO's, nor has it been sprayed with herbicides. Animals are never fed animal or animal by-products. 

Processing: Animals are slaughtered in an inspected facility. They are processed at Unger Meats, in Mitchell, MB.

Antibiotic Use: Animals are raised without the use of antibiotics and without the use of added hormones. Calves are vaccianted at 6 months of age.

Roughly 907 grams per package (2 pounds).