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Sea-Licious Belly to Baby Prenatal Omega-3 DHA with Vitamin D3 60 enteric coated softgels

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Sea-Licious Belly to Baby Prenatal Omega-3 DHA with Vitamin D3 allows mom to focus on a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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Product Features:

  • Formula uses only the cleanest and purest anchovy and sardine oil with the addition of vitamin D3
  • Contains no shellfish
  • Mercury free
  • The essential building blocks for your baby's developing brain, eyes, bone and immune system and also helps provide mood support and mental focus for expecting moms
  • Improved nutrition of breastmilk supply 
  • Contains ginger root extract to help relieve nausea and indigestion
  • Contains astaxanthin antioxidant
  • Lemony flavoured enteric-coated softgels with no fish burp-back or aftertaste
  • IFOS third party tested and certified
  • Easy to swallow softgels

Directions:  take 2 softgels, 1-2 times per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.

60 enteric coated softgels per bottle, natural lemon flavoured.

NPN:  80051870

Medicinal Ingredients:  Per 2 Softgels  
Fish Oil (sardine/anchovy) 1520 mg
Omega-3 1000 mg
  Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 136 mg
  Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 700 mg
Vitamin D3 500 IU
Ginger Root Extract  100 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:  softgel (gelatin, glycerin, purified water, carob), eneric coating (purified water, ethylcellulose, medium chain tryglycerides, oleic acid, sodium alginate, stearic acid, lemon oil), hellow beeswax, sunflower lecithin, mon-GMO mixed tocopherols, astaxanthin, ascorbyl palmitate.