Innotech Ionic Zinc Supplement Flavourless 60 ml

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Innotech Ionic Zinc needs no alterations to be absorbed by your body.  It goes to your body's cells directly, where it is needed and ultilized.

Product Features:

  • zinc has been used by the acient Eqyptians to enhance wound healing (burns, surgery).
  • zinc levels may be lowered by diarrhea, kidney disease and perspiration.
  • zinc is necessary for the functioning of more than 300 different enzymes that play a vital role in a number of biological processes in your body.
  • zinc is necessary for the maturation of sperm and normal fetal development.
  • zinc helps to regulate insulin activity and promote the conversion of thyroid hormones.
  • helps to reduce the effects of the common cold, and to assist with protein synthesis and collagen formation.
  • formulation allows for all ingredients to be used by your body in an effective manner.  Allows for a lower dosage with higher absorption rate in your body.
  • flavourless tincture.
  • Vitamin C has been added to the formula.

Directions:  pour 2 x 1/2 droppers (1.8 ml) once daily into 90-150 ml of water and drink.  Or take as directed by your health care practitioner.

60 ml per bottle.

NPN:  80057197