Incrediwear Back Brace Unisex Size XL

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Incrediwear Back Brace is embedded with natural circulation enhancing elements that work to increase blood flow to the skin and muscles.

Product Features:

  • Helps give support to your lower back.
  • Helps to increase blood flow t skin and muscles.
  • Helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and promote accelerated recovery.
  • Offers faster healing, pain relief, improved health and better mobility.
  • Incrediwear is scientifically proven to increase circulation, which reduces pain, swelling, stiffness and fatigue.
  • Incorediwear uses a revolutionary therapeutic fabric that is infused with circulation enhancing natural elements germanium and carbon.  The elements are then activated by your body heat and dramatically increase blood flow to your skin and muscles.
  • Can be worn over a thin, cotton t-shirt and this does not eliminate the back brace's ability increase circulation.
  • Back brace has adjustable Velcro straps, and can be worn to address lower or mid-back pain.

SIZING: Measure waist size at the belly button.  XL = 34-37 inches / 86-94 cm.

Package contains one brace.