Coffee Sock Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Filters 2 Filters

Coffee Sock

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Coffee Sock - Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Filters are a reusable alternative to paper filters and nylon sacks.

Product Features:

  • Fit: 4 inch width and 5 inch height.
  • 275 billion paper filters are being made and discarded each and every year - which is equivalent to 1.5 million trees.
  • With Coffee Sock, you can have a more sustainable cup of tea.
  • Featuring 2 reusable cotton filters (per pack) that are made from GOTS certified organic cotton (a renewable resource that is more efficient than plastic, metal or paper).
  • Each pack of these filters last about 1 year and replace approximately 500 paper filters.
  • The Coffee Socks cotton filters impart no flavour on the finished cup of tea unlike paper.
  • A more economical choice; these filters are less expensive than many market alternatives (an average of 25% cost savings over premium paper filters).
  • Eco-friendly, durable and reusable.
  • No chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • A proud member of 1% for the Planet, and an official Food for Farmers partner.
  • Compostable.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Made by hand in Austin, Texas.

Directions: Prepare for first use by boiling the filters in fresh water for 10 minutes to sanitize and preshrink. Rinse well. Fill with desired quantity of tea. Immerse in water and steep for desired amount of time. Empty the filter and discard of the spent tea leaves. Rinse the filter until the water runs clear. Wring out excess water. Hang the filter to thoroughly dry. Periodically (2 times a month) or when the filter appears contaminated, has been used with perishable foods, or when flow becomes restricted due to oil build-up; rinse thoroughly and boil once or twice for 10 mins. Discard stained water between boils. Rinse until water runs clear. Compost when practical.

2 filters per package.