Cello Whisps Cheddar Cheese Cheese Crisps 60 Grams

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Cello Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps are the perfect gluten free snack made from a singular wholesome ingredient; Cello cheese.


  • Cello cheese baked into a flavourful, airy, crispy, whispy bite
  • Made from Cello's deliciously sharp baked cheddar cheese
  • An excellent source of calcium and protein
  • Gives you a feel-good, real food snacking experience without the guilt
  • Can be eaten as they are or on top of a salad or appetizer plate for flavour and crunch
  • Perfect replacement for fries and chips
  • Add to tomato soup 
  • 170 calories per serving (1 serving size is about 23 crisps)
  • Only 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving
  • 10 grams of protein per serving
  • 0 grams of sugar per serving
  • NO artificial colours or flavours
  • No wheat or preservatives
  • Comes in a resalable bag
  • Product of USA

60 grams per bag. 

Ingredients: parmesan cheese (part skimmed milk, bacterial cultures, sea salt, enzymes)

Nutrition Facts: per 23 crisps (28 grams)  
Calories 170
Fat 14 grams
Cholesterol 40 milligrams
Sodium 330 milligrams
Carbohydrates 1 gram
Fibre 0 grams
Sugars 0 grams
Protein 10 grams
Potassium   40 mg 1% daily intake 
Calcium  350 mg 27% daily intake
Iron  0.1 mg 1% daily intake